Sustainability is the foundation of our business

Our proposal for building a better world is securing a positive impact on society and the environment, therefore, ensuring the future of new generations with our actions. 

In line with this vision, we launched the initiative of being carbon neutral for 2020, meaning that we have to guarantee zero CO2 emissions in our operations. We are proud to be the first company in El Salvador with Carbon Neutral Certification.

Eco-efficient Operations

Our operation value chain is directed toward the optimization of resources such as energy, promoting internal and external recycling; and ensuring that CO2 emissions are being compensated and reduced in controlled processes.

Eco-friendly packaging

We innovate in solutions for packaging in different industries and encourage in our clients and consumers, the use of technology that allows our packaging to have a lower environmental impact.

Shared commitment

Our goal is to work closer with other companies that help us promote education, and to create effective alliances that will impact and allow us to be a pioneer company and a role model for the implementation of an integrative circular economy. Ensuring the well-being of new generations is everyone’s responsibility.

Sustainable communities

We are and will continue to work with our personnel on the subject of values, professional growth, inclusion of people with disabilities and growth of female personnel in productive areas. We will also continue to work in our communities with help from our allies.

Sustainable solutions for our customers

Products with high technology, quality and less environmental impact, is our innovative proposal to build a better world.

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We have accepted The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.


The committee leads the course of the sustainability strategy, coordinates and promotes the main initiatives that integrate it.

Rodrigo Tona


Hugo Eduardo Tona

Sustainability Projects Manager

Rodrigo Samayoa

Corporate Affairs Manager

Miguel Argueta

Organizational Growth and Human Resources Regional Director

Evelio Escobar

Information Technology Regional Manager

Raúl Aguilar

Supply Chain Director

Eduardo Vidal

Financial Manager

Juan Diego Tobar

VP of BTD/BTC Business Unit

Jorge Murillo

VP Flexible Packaging Business Unit

Irene Alvarenga

Sustainability Projects Leader

Eduardo Abaunza

Regional Sales Manager BTC

Melania Parada

Continuous Improvement & Innovation Manager

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